Transit is a web platform that deals with bus ticketing. It solves the hustle especially students go through during the peak season when they have vacated.
But for sustainability, for the long run it gears towards solving and modernizing our transport system in Ghana. It uses the same model that STC utilizes but this time with a small tweak of adding an Uber style behaviour by trying as much as possible to bring onboard diverse transport agencies.
Your safety and comfort is rest assured. Our buses are fully Air- conditioned and in good condition.

Mode of Payment
a) These include MTN Mobile Money and Airtel Money platforms. (Other networks would soon be added.)
b) Users who have M-Power accounts can also access payment with it.
c) Last but not the least, a visa card that can transact online business can also be used

Transit is currently operational and runs:
A. Cape Coast to Accra – GHȻ 28.00
B. Cape Coast to Kumasi – GHȻ 35.00 (Kumasi is on demand for now)
Register your interest at to get yourself out of all these hustles, queues and traffic.

Call 0542964103 or 0547548238 for enquires
Transcode……………….”Always a better option”

Transit is the prime product of a startup company formed within the walls of

University of Cape Coast,

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Xpotainmentgh Launches Website

XpotainmentGH launches its website  on the 26th of November, 2016

XPOTAINMENT GHANA is an entertainment and media organization. that specializes in projects that combine creative concepts, innovative thinking and inspirational services by perusing latest trend technology and quality driven approach in our field of work.


XpotainmentGH is into:

  • Event Organizing/Managing
  • Artiste Management
  • Blogging
  • Vlogging
  • Advertising
  • Graphic Designing
  • Photography & Video Production


A site of 20+ bloggers and still counting. Buckle up and get ready for us!! 🛫

Facebook  –
Instagram –
Twitter –
Snapchat – xpotainmentgh



To advertise your brand, product, service or event on our site or to book us as your event management firm, photographer, designers or any other service we provide;

Call us now ☎0500023307 or 0572723362

Or send us an email.

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Microsoft holds awareness drive on Cyber Security

Microsoft has this week proven that it is once again a Champion of Cyber Security Awareness joining a growing effort by the government and other agencies to promote Cyber safety and anti-piracy awareness in Ghana.
Starting Monday 21st November 2016 through to Friday 25th November 2016, Microsoft in collaboration with the National Communication Authority, Ministry of Communication, and National Security Secretariat with the support from the US Government is hosting a week-long awareness drive on Cyber Security.

“Technology is evolving and so is the increased need for security especially around information sharing. What was once a semi-isolated affair and it has become a multi-agency, cross-continent operation, with governments and rights holders alike striving to share information and pool resources,” said Derek Appiah, Country Manager, Microsoft Ghana.

The Cyber Security Awareness week kicks off with highly informative and thought provoking discussions presenting opportunities for companies with cutting edge solutions to cyber security and available solutions to businesses and organizations.

The week will grace high caliber speakers, sharing their perspectives and experiences in solving the mounting security threat facing government and businesses today.

The interactive Cyber Security Awareness program will also provide keen insights into the challenges that businesses face in protecting critical data from continual threats of attacks.

Also during the same week, Microsoft has partnered with the Ghana Copyright office to announce their collaboration in the fight against counterfeit software which has impacted the lives of many users who have been exposed to security breaches. “We have partnered

with the Government of Ghana and the Ghana Copyright office to create awareness, to promote and protect the rights of both users and fabricators of technology solutions” added Appiah.

Our networks are getting smarter so are the threats, it’s more important than ever to work with Governments to strengthen intellectual property laws and crack down on piracy “The impact of pirated and counterfeit software has impacted the lives of many users who have been exposed to security breaches. As a company, we make Cyber security which broadly includes anti-piracy, our day to day business and as an industry leader we shall continue to forge partnerships to counter these threats to our consumers.

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#MBAtech Technologically we see beyond the future 

Reading habit is an essential and important aspect for creating a literate society in this world. It shapes the personality of individuals and it helps them to develop proper thinking methods, and creates new ideas. However, the developments in the mass media had continued to influence interest in reading (hard copy of literature’s such as…) books, magazines and journals, among others.

Many parents and teachers complain about students of our generation who have not developed reading habits among themselves. Officials of the West African Examinations Council and teachers complain of the kind of English written by today’s generation of students. The net result is the poor performance of many students in final examinations. One of the many issues confronting students nowadays is perhaps, not their inability to read but their lack of interest.

Literature review

This implies making meaning out of recorded information either printed or non-printed in the life of an individual. People read for different reasons and purposes, some of which include for pleasure, leisure, relaxation, information and for knowledge. Reading is the identification of the symbols and the association of appropriate meaning with them. It requires identification and comprehension. Comprehension skills help the learner to understand the meaning of words in isolation and in context

Factors that have reduced the reading zeal among our generations include:

  • Technology is the present world. It affects people’s daily lives. Whether it inspires somebody to be the master at videogames or makes somebody a computer hacker. It has changed the generation of teenagers/young adults rapidly. It has made the generation more greedy, ignorant, and lazy. For instance, my parents did not have fancy cell phones or high-tech computers back then because it was never created. They only had a bike and ball until it was worn out. They would always be outside, whether the weather was hot or cold, listening to stories from the elderly. And when they didn’t want to go outside, they sat down, read a book, played cards, or indoor games such us oware. Now a day, it’s all about getting an ipod touch or a phone with a touch screen. How to curb this issue.
  • The internet and social media are now the companions among our youth. Gone are the days where you see people going to community libraries or exchanging novels.

Ways of impacting our generation with the reading zeal

  • Educational seminars organized frequently in various communities can do a lot of good.
  • Boldly speaking on the effects on this issue and citing current examples tend to rekindle the zeal for reading among our young generation
  • Strengthening parent-to-child ties to facilitate moral upbringing. Parents should act as teachers even at home, be the “everything” to their wards. This way they can always advise and coach them to be morally upright.
  • Setting good examples as leaders. The elderly among societies must practice good morals so as the younger ones have models to look up to. 

#reading #generation

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    #MBAtech Technologically we see beyond the future 



    #MBAtech – Technologically we see beyond the future

    Hello lovely people, its #MBAtech once again. It’s been a while since we interacted on this blogging space.  We’ve been away for a while to attend to pressing issues. Hope you are all great as well as advancing technologically beyond the various scopes. I have been pondering on this issue for quite some time, Has Technology been helpful or addictive?

    A school of thought would say without technology, life would have been hell. Another would say tech use is very addictive.
    Tech is a very broad word; let me today focus on Internet Technology and the Social Media.

    With Internet technology and the Social Media, I am able to disseminate info, share ideas, pictures, videos, files and what have you with family and friends. Should it be in the case that I can’t live without my smart phone for just a second, I respond like Heaven is coming down when I hear device notification? Or be eyes glued to my smart device when I’m with family and friends?

    tech addict 6

    With Internet technology and the Social Media, I have forgotten all about alarm clocks, pocket calendars, pocket diaries and note books, why because I have all these stuffs in one device. Should it be in the case I cook, wash, eat, bathe, paint, and clean with my device?  Lest I forget sleeping with my device of which 90% of our generation are guilty of, including me without considering radiation as a health hazard. (I have today put a stop to it what about you?)

    With Internet technology and the Social Media, I become joyous especially when I interact with long lost friends and families. Should it be in the case I get all taken into the internet slang and do all away with my grammar and vocabulary?

    With Internet technology and the Social Media, I can take all the selfies, groundies and what have you. Should it be in the case Nude pictures, sex scandals and tapes circulate on Social media? Or I turn to ignore road etiquettes while walking as well as chatting or taking pictures?

    With Internet technology and the Social Media, I can be glued to movies and games all day. Should it be in the case I allow my family talk a lot all because I haven’t completed my chores at the expense of that?

    tech addict 4

    With Internet technology and the Social Media, I sing from my smart device, read holy books from smart devices during days of worship, interact with members’ of my place of worship. Should it be in the case I take this as an advantage and divide my attention during worship?

    With Internet technology and the Social Media, I get to watch pictures and videos of my field of study, finish all assignments with internet help. Should it be in the case I stick to pornography because it is easily accessible?

    With Internet technology and the Social Media, I am able talk to or video call that special person, my crush, my lover, my partner, anywhere anytime. Should it be in the case I share my attention between my relationship and tech? Or be eyes glued to my smart device when my special person is right in front of me.

    tech addict 5

    I can go on and on and on. I just want to make my point clear. My point is just drawing your attention to the addictive nature of Internet technology and the Social Media. “Too much of everything they say is bad” We all got to come on board and help reduce this addiction for a better tomorrow for our generation and the next. #Yeswecan

    Have a less addictive Internet technology and Social Media day.

    Share your views via the comment box.

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    #MBAtech – Technologically we see beyond the future


    #MBAtech – Technologically we see beyond the future

    Hello lovely people, its #MBAtech once again. It’s been a while since we interacted on this blogging space.  Hope you are all doing great as well as advancing technologically beyond the various scopes. Well I have been walking around the globe in search of Mr TALENTS & Mr SKILLS. I roamed and roamed and roamed, all to no avail.

    Today on this space I want to discuss with you what I call


    Inspired by a colleague @_bra_sNOw who has no book knowledge in coding, I decided to come out with this post. I was amazed when He dared me he could get 3 projects done within 10 minutes. These projects included:

    1. Designing a Simple ATM system
    2. Designing a Simple Calculator
    3. Designing an Exams Grading System

    Yes, in 9 minutes 53 seconds he was done. That’s what I call “#Koyorni”

    ict 2

    Many people say that a good job can be earned by studying hard while others believe that to be successful a man should learn at the University of Hard Knocks.
    Which opinion do you agree with? Why?

    There are people who are making it big in the outside world all to the foundation of Practical Skills with what they learnt in school safe in their pockets. Have you discovered where your fate lies?

    A successful individual is the one who lets his brain to function in a unique way; something the others have never thought of.

    No one in this world is born champion. Everyone struggles in his life, some less, some more, in varying degrees, to lead a respectable life. Success comes from determination and not only by luck. A person needs a strong mind to be determined, and the mental strength is gained by the mode various day-to-day challenges.


    Theoretical knowledge — teaches the why. It helps you understand why one technique works where another fails. It shows you the whole forest, builds the context, and helps you set strategy. Where self-education is concerned theory prepares you to set a direction for your future education. Theory teaches you through the experience of others.

    Practical knowledge — helps you acquire the specific techniques that become the tools of your trade. It sits much closer to your actual day-to-day work. There are some things you can only learn through doing and experiencing. Where theory is often taught in the ideal of a vacuum, the practical is learned through the reality of life.

    Both of the above are important. You won’t survive in any career unless you can bring results and to do that you need practical knowledge. There’s no avoiding it.

    At the same time learning how to solve a specific problem only teaches you how to solve that same problem again. Practice can only take you so far. Theory helps you apply what you learned solving one problem to different problems.

    So, please study well, but don’t limit your brains to the bookish knowledge. Come out, explore that world and win the hidden treasure of fame with fighting back ability and determination.

    #Koyorni #MBAtech #Talents #YesWeCan

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    #MBAtech – Technologically we see beyond the future.





    #MBAtech – Technologically we see beyond the future

    #ODDwrite – Seemingly making it ODD

    Happy Sunday to everyone, I hope you are all enjoying the day. Today I present to you a #Linux blog post from #MBAtech & #ODDwrite.

    I happened to have an encounter with @native_niiakwei C.E.O of #ODDwrite who came up with a discussion on #Linux. He really added a plus to my knowledge on #Linux OS. I salute Boss @native_niiakwei

    Linux (pronounced i/ˈlɪnəks/ LIN-əks or, less frequently, /ˈlaɪnəks/ LYN-əks) is a Unix-like and mostly POSIX-compliant computer operating system (OS) assembled under the model of free and open-source software development and distribution.


    If I were to go out and ask the ordinary people what Operating System they know of and use, they might most probably mention of Windows OS and most probably they might talk about a Mac OS too. Well, are these the only operating systems around? Are Mac and Windows the only operating systems that can be found on computers today?

    Of course not, there are many and varied OS’s on planet Earth and of course there would be some more OS’s on other planets as well if they exist ( I haven’t decided for myself whether or not to believe that there is intelligible life outside Earth though but I hope to make that decision very soon enough 😉 ).

    You can go on to Wikipedia, the world’s largest online encyclopedia, to see a list of operating systems. I would like to talk about the Linux OS. Linux OS has gained widespread use around the world by both power and ordinary users alike. My question is, ‘Is it not time for widespread use of Linux OS in Ghana?’ For System Administrators, Linux would be quite known but I am wondering if it is not time for the ordinary user, right here in Ghana to switch to Linux too?Linux offers many flavors which all run on the Linux kernel. You can read more on the Linux kernel from Wikipedia. Some of the popular flavours of the Linux OS include; Linux Mint, Ubuntu (one of the most popular linux flavor), Kali Linux, CentOS, Fedora, Elementary OS and many more.

    Security is baked into Linux primarily, all round. Linux is one of the most secure OS if not the most secure OS in the whole world. Nowadays what we seek for our systems is security against malware infection, and also against attacks from hackers who want to steal our data. Linux OS offers the best protection you can get against these attacks.Linux is trusted by big corporations and advanced institutions, such as NASA. Linux has earned this trust by all based on a track record of high level reliability and efficiency. With the Linux foundation in place, more and more strides are being made to get linux a step closer to the top notch organizations.

    In addition, Linux offers various desktop environments. You have the Gnome desktop environment, Mate desktop environment, LXDE, Enlightenment Desktop Cinnamon desktop environment, Unity desktop environments and many other Desktop Environments to choose from. Ubuntu Linux for example offers the user about four or so environments to choose from (that is including the Mate desktop environment, Unity desktop environment, LXDE , KDE ).Linux is an OS of choice and it meets your need at whatever level you operate be it as a professional or as a normal user. Most advanced system administrators especially those who work with servers would have much more interaction with Linux.

    A little trivia here though, Linux runs on over 80% of supercomputers in the world. You can read more on that here too.So now my question that needs answering; Is Ghana ready for Linux? Well I think yes it is about time we all moved on to Linux. You might just as well say that I am all ‘Linuxy’ so I want everybody to go on that same trend. Well that might be true but let me address your needs on your PC or Laptop as a normal user and how Linux OS addresses it.

    First of all is your Spreadsheet, Text document, Database whatever it might be. Well most of the Linux systems I have used comes with an Office suite.( Yeah and just by the way if you are wondering what Linux systems I have used, well I use Ubuntu on a part-time basis, I did try Fedora, Mint, Backtrack, Lubuntu and Kali on a friends machine ). Most of these systems came with an Office suite to use. Most of them had LibreOffice but of course there other ones you can install if you want. What comes to mind for another option is Yeah and all these Office suites are pretty simple to use and just like whichever Office suite you have come to know. Yeah and just by the way I think Mac comes with the LibreOffice too.

    Okay now comes the most obvious is your videos and music. Well for that the Linux systems have a wide range of applications you can download to use. Of course you get to have some of these apps already installed on it. I know for one that Linux Mint comes with Banshee already installed which caters for both audio and video files, Ubuntu has with it Rhythmbox already installed on it for playing audio files. Yeah and you can have Shotwell Photo Manager for managing your photos. Yeah and let me add this though, with Linux Mint for example you can start playing all your video and audio files right after installing. Ubuntu for one has a little setback there, because of Proprietary reasons; codecs for playing audio and video files do not ship with the system. Thus you have to install them once you done with your installation and well that does not take anytime at all. It is a pretty simple one there.


    Another plus for Linux systems is that most of the drivers you need for your laptop or desktop are automatically installed once you run your Linux OS installation. Thus you don’t have to go running all over the Internet looking for drivers to work on your system. Being in audio, graphic or device drivers you have all bundled up with the Linux system. More drivers are being added to Linux kernel with every single release candidate.

    Internet, well Internet needs on the Linux systems are well taken care of. Be it if you want a browser you have an option to choose from firefox (which comes already installed on most of the Linux distros), Google Chrome, Chromium, Vivaldi and a host of other browsers (which you have to install yourself). For torrents you have applications like Deluge and Transmission clients which you can go by. Also if you want to stay anonymous as you browse you can also install for yourself the Tor Browser on your Linus system. Moreso, there is a Linux distro called Tails OS which makes all your Internet traffic anonymous.

    For all my coding geeks, you have no worries with the Linux system. You have a solution for all your coding needs no matter the language you are coding in. Python, C, C++, Java, PHP, Ruby on Rails, say every programming language there is a solution for you. The amazing thing is that on most Linux systems you can compile your code with the terminal using the make command.

    With gaming of course you would get for yourself games on the Linux system. The only hitch might be that you might not get all the games you want but then more and more games are being ported (i.e. to say being made available) to the Linux system. Yeah and the Steam Client works on Linux systems also so you can get quite a number of games on your Linux system. Well if you want to game all the more on your computer, you could just as well install Steam OS on your machine.

    Finally let me talk about security. Well I don’t want to talk any technical stuff here so let me just speak the normal stuff right here. Anyway I don’t know though but the normal is just how technical this one can get. So most viruses attack the computer system by accessing the root folder of the OS. In Windows that is just but a piece of cake for the virus. Well in Linux that becomes a bit of a problem since authentication is needed to access the root folder as it is. Thus the root folder is protected from them viruses that attack the core of your system.

    These are just but a few things Linux Oses offer and there in fact more that Linux systems offer. For all there is Linux is no terminal oriented OS where only the geeks can use, it is a normal OS for all and sundry and I think that it is time, we in Ghana go on to use Linux OS in our homes, our schools, our offices and everywhere else. Linux is the way now and we have to jump on to the bandwagon. Linux is powering the world and we ought to so much as join in and let us power our systems with Linux.

    Well I might just as well get back to my terminal and feel free there are many Linux communities all over the Internet. If you are wondering where to start you can check up on Google and you would get a lot of help from there.


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    #MBAtech – Technologically we see beyond the future

    #ODDwrite – Seemingly making it ODD